Supporting partner with Depression

G   i   v   e     y   o   u   r   s   e   l   f     a     m   o   m   e   n   t     o   f     P e a c e

Many hypnotherapists, when asked how many sessions are required, respond by saying that it's

impossible to say and that it will have to be a case of seeing what happens over the course of the

treatment. This could result in many sessions being needed at considerable expense to the client, even if each session, in itself, is considered inexpensive. The Modern Hypnotherapy that I practise means that the vast majority of clients can be successfully treated within two or three sessions. If you are concerned about the number of sessions which you may require, please do not hesitate to contact me (free of charge) in order to discuss this further.

How long are the sessions and how far apart?

Each treatment session lasts approximately one hour, except for the 'Stop Smoking' treatment which lasts up to an hour and three quarters. The length of time between sessions is generally one or two weeks, however this can vary depending on your particular, individual circumstances. I take a great deal of care to ensure that each session is specifically tailored to the needs of each individual, rather than just applying a standard 'one-size-fits-all' approach for treating each issue or condition. For example, every client seeking treatment for Weight Control will have eating habits that are unique to them and which need to be addressed accordingly. A generic approach will not go far enough.

Putting somebody into hypnotic trance is relatively easy - for example, there are many YouTube videos in which this is explained and demonstrated. However, what you do when a person is in hypnosis is of paramount concern. Hypnotherapy should be a pleasant experience; you should leave the practice feeling relaxed, happy and comfortable, knowing that your therapy is what you want and that somebody is actually facilitating your road to recovery.

My practice is entirely focussed on the needs of the individual undergoing treatment. I tailor each therapy session to suit the individual needs and requirements of every client undergoing treatment. As such, clients experience the highest quality of care possible, enabling enjoyable, relaxing, and successful treatment.