There are many more clients who have had success with Hypnotherapy, however these are just a few examples.

As with any therapy you need to experience it for yourself.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy Brydges MPhil. BA. Hons

In July, 2016, I was introduced to Chris through a very dear friend of mine who was getting very concerned about my minds well-being. After a lengthy chat I agreed to go along and talk to Chris, I was made to feel very welcome. He sat me down and explained everything that would happen, he also pointed out that it is nothing like you see on stage or television. We spoke about what issues I wanted to deal with; mine were saying goodbye to my partner and anger issues that had arisen from a failed relationship. I have had two breakdowns in the past and was a little sceptical about this helping me, but I thought why not! The first visit was a session of Chris getting to know aspects of my life that were troubling me.

The second visit was a regression session to go back before my partner died and tell him how I felt knowing that he was dying. I sat down and Chris started to speak in hushed tones to relax me, which for a start didn’t work as I have control issues borne from the failed relationship. He tried a different tack and made me watch an object whilst talking to me. Whilst this was going on there was relaxing music in the background, I started to drift into sleep. At this point Chris was speaking to my sub-conscious, he told me to focus on a safe place where I could be myself and relax further. Whilst in this safe place he asked my partner by name to join me, that’s when he told me to take over and say what was in my heart. I don’t know how long I was under hypnosis, but it was one of the most wonderful times of my life just holding and talking to my partner again, only for a short while, but that didn’t matter. Chris started to bring me back to the present and I just sat with unshed tears in my eyes, but for the first time they were tears of happiness.

The next session was to deal with my anger issues; this time was a lot simpler as my control issues had dissipated. We went back to my safe place in my head and I spoke to my ex from the failed relationship telling him everything that I felt about him, whilst under Chris didn’t want me going away upset and spoke to me again in hushed tones to think of something that made me happy when confronted with something that could upset me. Because he was speaking to my sub-conscious it appears to have done the trick. If I feel my anger coming on I will now walk away from the situation and return when I have calmed down.

Chris is a wonderful, warm and brilliant human being and hypnotherapist. The way he takes you through the sessions are superb, making sure that your mind is safe at all times. I would highly recommend anyone to visit Chris Brydges to help them. Absolutely marvellous.

Paul Smith 31/08/2016

Paul Smith 31/08/2016

Tried to stop smoking for years used tablets and use patches try to stop then decides to go see Chris I've been stop smoking for at least six months now and it's going great.

David Mccullagh


After a troubled time I went to Chris to try and get some calm and peace back into my life. Chris was so patient professional helped me massively. His hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to balance and strengthen your own mind whether helping over emotional stress and anxiety to giving up smoking and even phobias. 

Debs Christer

For many years I have hated flying and each year when I have booked my holiday I have then started worrying about the flight instead of looking forward to my holiday! My dad has always been exactly the same and we both went to see Chris for therapy. The anxiety which normally occurred at the airport and on the plane no longer existed this year and we both would

highly recommend! .

Kate Horton 

I had a chat with Chris about feeling low and not seeming to get anywhere regarding work. Chris told me he had used NLP on me. In a few minutes of talking with him I felt better and a week later I had my first job interview.

Shama Jawaid 

I had a problem in my life and it made me unhappy and stressed. I didn’t understand what was causing this, I went to see Chris he sorted my issues out and I have never felt so good in years.

Sue Boon

I had tried for years to stop smoking using patches and gum I went to see Chris in February and haven’t touched a cigarette since. I had one Session highly recommend.

Pamela Martin

I went to see Chris about being overweight I told him my husband was overweight as well; Chris treated both of us at the same time. We had tried diets in the past but nothing really worked. I didn’t really hold up much hope, but a few months later we are both the size we always wanted to be. We both would highly recommend Chris.

Pamela and George Whattam